Alternatives for Families Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Alternatives for Families Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT) is an evidence-supported intervention that targets individual child and parent characteristics related to an abusive experience. The AF-CBT approach emphasizes training and interpersonal skills designed to enhance self-control and reduce violent behavior. AF-CBT addresses both the risk factors and the consequences of physical abuse in a comprehensive manner. This approach draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches and implements procedures that have been successful in improving positive family relations and reducing family conflict in diverse populations of parents, children and families.

During AF-CBT, school-aged children/teens and their parents/caregivers participate in separate but coordinated therapy for some of the time. They also go through conjoint sessions at various times throughout treatment. AF-CBT seeks to address individual and parent-child issues in an integrated fashion.

There are a myriad of outcomes AF-CBT can produce. This program can help parents with more effective discipline methods, decrease parental reports of psychological distress, lower parent-child abuse potential, and reduce parent-reported drug use to cope with the stress of parenting. Other outcomes include reduction of acting out behaviors in the child/teen and lessening of child-to-parent aggression. Families that have gone through the AF-CBT Program report greater family cohesion and less family conflict.

For more information or to request the AF-CBT program, please call Family Life Counseling at 419-774-9969.


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