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Domestic Violence Recovery Program:

Also referred to as “Metanoia”, our domestic violence recovery program offers safe, caring counseling services and ongoing support to assist survivors and family members as they process and overcome difficult memories, feelings, and triggers.

This program is developed for individuals who have endured: domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse, manipulative relationships, partner abuse, sexual assault, date rape, or other major life traumas. 

Designed to promote change through individual and group counseling, Metanoia is focused upon meeting the following goals:

  • Further understanding of causes that led to abuse, commonly associated with feelings of  control and entitlement 
  • Recognize the potential of social and cultural contexts that led to abuse
  • Assist in accepting outcomes of abuse and overcoming difficult feelings associated with situation
  • Increase understanding and communication within desired relationships
  • Overcome difficult feelings and memories, and further personal growth

Individuals within this program can be self-referred, or encouraged to participate in services by the Domestic Relations court, Juvenile court, medical professionals, schools or families. 

Sexual Abuse Recovery Program:

The effects of sexual abuse can have far reaching consequences, including guilt, shame, fear, betrayal, anger, mistrust, decreased self esteem, and difficulties establishing, recognizing, and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. Some of these behaviors can be identified by anxiety, depression, self mutulization, eating disorders, acting out behaviorally, issues in school, and suicide. 

Also referred to as “Raphah”, our sexual abuse recovery program is designed to promote healing. While working with our safe and caring counseling professionals, individuals are offered unique and individualized programs designed to empower and recreate an inward sense of self worth and a strong and healthy sense of emotional and psychological well being. 

The program model uses a variety of evidence-based therapy practices, including strengths-based treatment to educate, equip and empower individuals to effectively cope with issues and stressors they are enduring and heal. The diagnostic assessment will include psychological tests, a mental status exam, family and social assessments, and will investigate for symptoms of depression, suicidality, anxiety, PTSD, and many others. 

Restorative Program for Offenders

Batterers' Intervention Program:

Domestic abuse happens when an individual believes that they have authority over another person. The Batterers' Intervention Program (BIP) was established to help offenders recognize and restructure these intrusive thoughts and behaviors.

Utilizing evidence-based techniques, BIP utilizes a group format to assist individuals to recognize how their personal thoughts and feelings can influence abusive behaviors towards their partners. Additionally the program is designed to help the individual acknowledge the ways that their behaviors may have harmed their loved ones. By examining cultural and social contexts, as well as the individual's beliefs and actions, this program is designed to help the client build trust, intimacy, and learn healthy ways to communicate and and express their feelings.


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