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December 06, 2021

Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services is proud to announce the Health & Wellness Collaborative, which is in connection with Ohio Health, Level Up fitness, and Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Services. 

Utilizing a holistic lens, this program was developed to meet clients exactly where they are. By creating a network and team of providers, we are able to better assess biological, psychological, social, and spiritual wellness. We aim to increase positive outcomes and reduce client time within treatment, as well as reduce the need for medication assisted treatment. 

According to the National Institute of Health, "accumulating evidence shows that exercise influences many of the same signaling molecules and neuroanatomical structures that medicate positive reinforcing effects of drugs." When combined with wrap-around services, healthy recovery is better able to be achieved mentally and physically.

Treatment Components:

  • Addiction Medicine & Patient Education, provided by Ohio Health
  • Personal Fitness & Wellness Education, provided by Level Up Fitness
  • Clinical Addiction Therapy, Provided by Family Life Counseling

It is our intention to assist clients in the incorporation of physical regulation as part of their recovery blueprint to maximize the biochemical and physiological restoration.

This will be accomplished by the following:

  • Educate clients on different types of exercise & impacts on recovery
  • Educate clients on exercise safety and by use of proper form
  • Empower clients through personal coaching and training
  • Provide a safe space for clients to learn how to exercise as well as location to do so
  • Provide group activities and workouts to strengthen social connection in recovery

For more information about the Health and Wellness Collaborative or to begin services, please contact Family Life Counseling and Psychiatric Services, or our program director, Zach Reeder, CDCA, at (419) 774-9969. 

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