Children's Behavioral Health Center, Norwalk

Jessica Dickman August 22, 2022

Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services is pleased to notify the community that we will be opening a Children’s Behavioral Unit, located at 34 Woodlawn Ave., Norwalk, OH 44857.

This was important development for us due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing unprecedented challenged for families. Children, specifically, were forced to isolate and had no access to the sense of normalcy they had once known with little to no access to their friends or extended family. For those living in abusive homes, they lost the reprieve they once had in going to school. As a result of these challenges experienced by both adults and children, Huron Co. Children Services has seen an increase in referrals for families in crisis. Until now, Huron County has not had a dedicated site specifically for this population. This site provides a space for children and youth that is just as unique as their needs, allowing them to feel welcome and comfortable in a space they know was created specifically for them.

Child-Centered Services:
Early Childhood (birth to age 5), Child Centered Play Therapy (ages 3-10), Individual Therapy (3-18).

Child, Family & Group Services: 

Filial Therapy for Children & Parents (ages 3-10), Adventure Group Therapy (as appropriate), Family Counseling (all ages), Parenting Classes (all ages), Child & Parent Psychotherapy (all ages), Adoption Mental Health Services (all ages), Therapeutically Supervised Parent & Child Visitation (all ages), “Incredible Years” Prevention Group (all ages)

The Children’s Behavioral Unit is anticipated to be open Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm, with accommodations to be set for those in need of additional evening support. 

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