Restorative Practices Intervention Program

The Richland County Restorative Practices Intervention Program offers victim/offender mediations in order to repair the harm that has been done to the victim and the community. The process empowers victims to communicate their needs and holds juvenile offenders ages 10-21 accountable for their actions.

Restorative Practice Intervention involves meetings in which people affected by crime talk about what happened and about how to repair some of the harm caused. It gives victims the opportunity to tell their story and be heard - sometimes for the first time. It gives them the chance to face the offender, to express their grief or rage, and to ask questions of the offender or others involved. It may give victims a sense of closure and it may also help them to move on with their lives. In turn, it gives offenders the chance to face up to what they have done, and to apologize to someone they’ve harmed. It may help them feel better about themselves and about going back into the community.

For additional information or to make a referral, please contact Herb Ross at 419-512-8253 or at


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