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"Coming here was the best thing my mother and I could have ever done together. I am so grateful."

Family Counseling:

A healthy and stable family culture can have many positive impacts, such as individuals feelings of connection, love, security. These three feelings have drastic impacts on how we develop emotionally and intellectually. However, creating and maintaining a healthy and stable family culture is difficult, especially when considering individual differences, outside stressors, and life changes. 

Family counseling is a unique form of therapy that can assist the family unit in identifying individual differences, increasing positive interactions, communicating effectively, and coming together.

Some of the reasons that individuals or families seek counseling:

  • Blending families
  • Disconnection between individual family members
  • Individuals isolating or socially withdrawing from the family
  • Addiction concerns within the family
  • Feelings of growing apart or holding grudges


"My son looks forward to his session every week"

 Play Therapy: 

Also referred to as "Revive", our play therapy program is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10. This evidence-based program strives to restore joy and peace to children and families through a method that works with the child’s natural way of communication.

Children continue to develop their language skills and struggle with using words to communicate needs and feelings. Given the opportunity, children will play out their feelings and needs in a manner of expression similar to adults.

Whether the child is feeling fearful, unsatisfied, angry, or happy, play therapy is able to communicate these feelings and effectively restore connection between the caregiver and child.

 Adventure Therapy:

A treatment alternative that utilizes experiential learning to promote effective communication, problem solving, and pro-social interactions with other adolescents. This program utilizes therapeutic analysis treatments into active and multidimensional experiences. Group sessions involve the use of games, projects, and challenges. Participants learn to work effectively to overcome challenges, cope with difficult situations, and strengthen group communication. Benefits of Adventure therapy include: behavioral control; anger management; improved social skills; increased self esteem; increased confidence; focus strategies; positive attitudes; increased respect. 

The values of this program include:

  • Importance of setting attainable and positive goals
  • Significance of caring for self and others in a responsible manner
  • Promotion of physical and emotional safety
  • Importance of providing and receiving safe and honest feedback


Sandplay Therapy

A nonverbal, non-directed therapeutic technique focused on individuals wishing to experience healing and personal change. Sandplay therapy is an evidence based treatment program that can often be used to overcome life transitions, relational difficulties, stressful situations, feelings of anxiety, depression, and much more. Sandplay therapy is available and beneficial for individuals of all ages. For more information about these services, contact us today!


Children's Behavioral Health Center, Norwalk

We are proud to present a child-specific health center in Norwalk, which will include services for all ages, starting from birth until the age of 18. Within the Children's Behavioral Health Center, we will be offering Early Childhood Services, Play Therapy, Individual and Family Counseling, Parenting Classes, Adventure Therapy, Psychotherapy, Adoption Services, Therapeutically Supervised Child & Parent Supervision, and much more. If interested in learning more, please contact the center at (567) 560-3580. 


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