After providing outpatient substance use treatment for over 15 years,

we have confidently serviced almost 10,000 individuals residing in our communities.

Adult Substance Use Treatment

"Family Life has saved my life in more ways than one... Thank you."

By utilizing the most current and provably effective criteria provided by the American Science of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), we provide multiple levels of outpatient services to meet your individualized needs.


By utilizing a friendly and relatable staff, we will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself and support you through this life change. We recognize that addiction can quickly become the largest focus in your life and we are here to offer our expertise and support to help you take back control. By offering various levels of outpatient treatment programs, we are able to partner with the court systems, children services, medically-assisted treatment providers, employers, etc.


Individual Services: Individual Counseling; Recovery Groups 

Family Services: Family Counseling; Families & Parenting in Recovery Courses

Elective Options: Empowerment Courses; Life Coaching; Case Management & Employment Assistance

Medical Partners: Psychiatric Services; Medically-Assisted Treatment Partners; BRIDGE Device Treatment Partners

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

As a specialized outpatient addiction recovery program, IOP provides additional structure and an increased intensity of care than our standard outpatient program, while still accommodating an individual's home and work life. IOP can be utilized as a follow-up to a successful detox, as a primary form of care, or as part of an aftercare plan for someone who has completed an inpatient program. 

How do I know what service is best for me?

Once scheduled with our agency for a diagnostic assessment, we will investigate your motivations for services, symptoms, support systems and assist you in determining the appropriate level of care prior to determining an individualized treatment plan. If desired, you will also be offered the opportunity to simultaneously participate in mental health counseling, life coaching, and/or case management. 

How long do services last?

Once the clinician recommends a treatment program, if agreed upon, you will be placed in one of the three "phases" of treatment, based upon the symptomatic criteria listed in the fifth edition of the American Psychological Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

  • Phase 3 is defined as severe and consists of three, 3-hour sessions per week of individual and group sessions.
  • Phase 2 is defined as moderate and consists of two, 3-hour sessions per week of individual and group sessions.
  • Phase 1 is defined as mild and consists of one, 3-hour session per week.

If the individual is actively engaged in services, they are able to quickly move across each of the three phases of treatment. Remember, we are here to help you meet your goals!

"I had been using drugs for 20 years. At one point, I was sober for 17 months but relapsed. I've learned to be clean and be happy - which is a huge accomplishment. I needed to change my environment and I did that here. 

To date, I have been clean since July and, as far as treatment, I feel like the staff is on the journey with me. I have always felt comfortable and accepted - it really is a family."

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