Resources for the Family

"I was looking for someone that I felt I could relate to... and I found that here."

Specialized Family Programs:

Individual and Family Counseling:

Recognizing that addiction is a family disease, we are able to balance individual and family counseling sessions with small groups. By talking with a licensed professional, individuals are offered a safe and confidential environment to discuss emotional difficulties, life challenges, rational conflicts or mental health concerns. When directed towards families that have been touched by addiction, counseling is able to assist with education, recognizing triggers, improving communication, building self esteem, and bridging awareness of individual personalities. 

Addiction Intervention:

The purpose of this program is to provide guidance and utilize the love, power, and influence of family members and friends. By challenging the myth that addicted individuals must hit "rock bottom" before they are ready to become sober, we ask the question: "what will it take to get them ready for change?"

Based on a nationally recognized program by Debra and Jeff Jay, Addiction Intervention is an 8-step program that has proven successful 80% of the time.

We believe that all interventions, if done correctly, are successful for the following reasons:

  • The family is united through education and open communication
  • The addicted person hears how loved they are
  • Family members have a safe environment to share how addiction has affected them
  • The addicted person learns that the family will support their recovery, but not their addiction

According to an article published by Hazelden, 94% percent of Americans feel responsible to speak up when a friend is abusing alcohol and/or other drugs. Unfortunately, only 38% of us feel that we have the tools to intervene.  On the other hand, based upon a survey of 800 people in recovery, 70% admitted that they stopped using dangerous substances after a family member or friend intervened. 

Addiction Intervention Commercial

"This was very helpful. It was great to meet other families who understand."

Educational Community Programs:

The Addict's Family and Friends:

By not only acknowledging concerns within the community and within individual families, the Addict's Family and Friends is a Community Action Group developed to provide action steps that should be reflected in a loving and supportive manner toward the addicted person.

One of the most unique arguments regarding addiction is that it can be overcome with human connection. It is our goal to reestablish this connection with families, friends, and within our community. The “Addict’s Family & Friends” is welcome to family members, friends, neighbors, first responders, service providers, concerned citizens, and advocates. 

Developed in 2018, this Community Action Group was created in partnership with the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library and was awarded the "Endless Possibilities" award in 2019.

Due to COVID-19, these programs have been put on hold; however it is our full intention to continue with these services once able.

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