Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Program

The Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Program is dedicated to the goal of helping emotionally troubled youth and their families lead fuller, happier lives without the use of alcohol and other substances. The Drug and Alcohol staff conducts a complete evaluation to determine the amount and type of care the client needs and customizes a course of treatment to meet those individual needs. Treatment unites individuals and their families to support recovery, encouraging the best possible functioning.

Our dedicated, skilled staff has broad experience in helping adolescents and their families in crisis situations. They provide individual, family and parental support while teaching Anger and Behavior Management skills. If you are concerned your child may be involved with drugs or alcohol, some warning signs you can watch for are:

  • Sudden, noticeable personality changes
  • Severe mood swings
  • Decreased interest in activities, especially family activities
  • Persistent arguments with parents or authority people
  • Refusing to do chores
  • Missing curfew
  • Drop in grades
  • Truancy
  • Become sexually active

To schedule an assessment for your child, please call Family Life Counseling at 419-774-9969.



Here, I have a support system of people who really understand and want to see me heal.


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