Work Recovery & Second Chances

Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services is dedicated to working with each individual client to provide a well-rounded and forward-thinking approach to their future. This process, not only includes counseling, case management, and treatment services, but also preparation for that individual’s personal and professional life.


Work Recovery:

A structured and evidence-based program, Work Recovery is centered upon the goals and abilities of the client’s we serve.  As an organization, we will match our client’s skills with available employment positions and volunteer opportunities.

 Our certified team of Primary Counselors and Case Managers will work directly with clients to ensure their readiness for job recruitment and sustainment. Additionally, our staff will offer trainings to clients centered on the Leadership Development, Stress Management, and other skills necessary for success.

Our Program Coordinator will work directly with employers to secure available positions for those seeking work. As an organization, we will work with both parties to ensure our client’s personal and professional success, as well as the success of the employer.

Benefits of becoming recovery-oriented:

  • Creates a sense of goodwill for the organization
  • Demonstrates to your staff that you care about their individual well-being
  • Offers a healthy lifestyle for employees to grow
  • Develops a strong reputation in the community


Second Chances:

In 2017, approximately 60% of individuals with a chemical dependency were employed in full-time positions. Addiction spans against almost every demographic and every profession.

Second Chances is designed to encourage employers, who suspect illegal substance use of a particular employee, to intervene and offer recovery options.  Our organization is able to individualize treatment plans, provide appropriate updates, and drug testing. After months of sobriety, we will facilitate a second interview of the client and the employer can determine if they are willing to offer a second chance.


What can we, a nonprofit counseling agency, do to support you on this journey?

Family Life Counseling & Psychiatric Services is pleased to offer trainings, classes, and resources  to anyone who may feel its importance. We are located in following areas: Mansfield, Danville, Millersburg, Shelby, Galion, Norwalk, Loudonville, Willard, and Bellevue.



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